For the Teachers, Pupils, Students and PTA of NPS

While the bigger part of this website is intended to inform the private and corporate donors and all the friends and supporters of NPS from Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany about the project and is thus written in German, this section of the website is written in English entirely and is intended to be visited and used mainly by the pupils and teachers of NPS as well as the PTA members, the parents and the alumni (former pupils, students and teachers of NPS), who already know everything about the school. However, for other visitors of the website such as relatives of the pupils or teachers or any other interested Nigerian or international visitors, here is a brief introduction of the school:

365 pupils and students, 32 staff members, 32 scholarship holders

The Najude Pioneer School is a Nigerian-Swiss educational project situated in Kaduna State in the north of the West African country Nigeria. The school offers primary and secondary school education for the children of all local population groups and enables the best students to attend higher education institutions such as Ahmadu Bello University in the city of Zaria by awarding them with scholarships.
The school was established in the year 2000 and has since progressed slowly but steadily. It is located in a rural area in the northernmost part of Kaduna State. Najude Pioneer School makes a point of welcoming all children living in the area without exception, regardless of religious affiliation or tribe: Some of the pupils are Hausa Christians, others are Hausa and Fulani.

The project consists of a primary and a secondary school. Eight school buildings incorporate 17 class rooms and a laboratory, two faculty lounges and three offices for the school administration, a student room, an infirmary, a library with eleven computer terminals with internet connection and a big community hall with a stage. The electricity for all the school buildings is produced by the school's solar array. Next to the school are the teachers’ quarters with 17 flats and the boarding home for children from distant villages, where presently 50 pupils and students are staying. There is also a school kitchen and a school restaurant. By awarding scholarships, the NPS presently enables 32 students to attend Senior Secondary Schools and institutions of higher education in the city of Zaria, such as Therbow School, Ahmadu Bello University and the Federal College of Education. The NPS student body presently consists of 365 pupils, while the staff team consists of 23 teachers and nine other staff members. After having obtained the provisional approval in 2006, the school has been officially registered with the Kaduna State Ministry of Education in 2011.