Academic Session 2005/2006


First Term AS 2005/06 

The school resumed on Monday the 05.09.2005 with all the teachers being present except Mr Caleb who was reported to be sick. The pupils that reported were 158 in number. Class 1 pupils, which are the new intakes, were given their uniforms and classes commenced immediately. Mr Linus distributed books to the teachers and also reminded them of their duties and encouraged them to carry out their work effectively because he was preparing to go back to his country for further studies. The PTA are organizing a send forth party in his honour on the 11.09.2005 here in the school premises. The school wears a new looks because all the classes were painted. With this the week came to a successful end.

In this second week after resumption, the school and the PTA organized a send forth party for Mr Linus Frey who has finished his two years tenure (September 2003 to September 2005) in the supervision of the school on the 11.09.2005. Series of meetings were held in the school every day with Linus presiding over the meetings in order to put things together because he is returning back to his country. He handed over the office management to Mrs Rita Muolokwu and Mr Nuhu Emmanuel as assistant. Finally he left Nigeria on the 15.09.2005 and all the teachers and some of the villagers including the PTA officials followed him to the Kano Airport.

At the end of the third week, the school was moving fine and the academic activities were carried out effectively. On Thursday, we got a visitor from the Education Department Ikara in the person of Buhari Musa. The purpose of his visit was to see the pupils and the teachers’ academic performance.

The teachers and the pupils were putting in their best to the development of the school. The teachers always have their meetings on Mondays and Thursdays in which relevant matters are being discussed. On the Thursday, the school organized a quiz competition between class 4 and class 5 in which class 5 took first position.

There was no school on Monday because of Independence Day. So the school resumed on Tuesday with the teachers working with warm spirit and dedicated to their duties. Malam Nuhu who took three days off from Tuesday to Thursday is yet to come back.

The continuous assessment test of the first term is over. Both the teachers and pupils put in their best. We have started using audio and visual teaching aids in teaching the pupils and everything is working well.

This is the midterm week and the teachers and pupils are working very hard. We held a meeting with the prefects in order to remind them of their duties and we also advised them to appear neat before the pupils. Because the pupils look up to them and emulate whatever they are doing. This week, classes 3, 4, 5 and 6 used the audio and visual teaching aids for their learning. The week came to a successful end.

The week started and ended well and everything was moving fine. The teachers put in their best. On Thursday after school, the headmistress travelled to Zaria. She is attending a course on how to use the computer effectively and this had to be done on Friday morning. She came back on Sunday to resume her normal activities. This week, Nigeria declared three days of mourning for late Stella Obasanjo and 117 other people that died in plane crash on Saturday the 22.10.2005.

The school worked for only two days and then went for Sallah break (Eid al-Fitr) which took place on Wednesday and Thursday. We were given an extra day break by the management which was Friday because they considered it worthwhile.

The activities of the school were moving normal, teachers are putting in their best. Mr Nuhu and Mr Caleb were absent for one week. They went to Zaria for their FCE semester examination. The Headmistress will travel to Zaria today during the 10am break to deposit money.

The cool breeze of exams is fast approaching and the teachers have rounded up their term work. The Headmistress will be travelling to Zaria to start the typing of the exam scripts. There was a quiz competition between class 5 and class 6 in which class 5 won with the difference of 15 marks. The week came to a successful end.

Revision started on Monday and ended on Wednesday. Mr Ernest Huegli visited the school on Tuesday to sort out the problem which arose between the villagers and the teachers. The exam which was supposed to commence on Thursday was postponed to Friday because the question papers were not ready and all went on smoothly.

The exam continued from Monday to Thursday morning. The teachers worked tirelessly on the sheets and on the computation of results and report cards. There were no sport activities as usual because of limited time. The children were busy fetching sand and water for the construction of the school toilet. The term ended today and the report cards were distributed to the pupils except class 4 because the teacher has not yet finished the computation. The teachers also held a meeting with Mr Linus on phone and everybody was happy. The Headmistress expressed her joy on the efforts each teacher made. She also stressed some areas in which they did not do well and advised that next term she wants a positive change regarding these areas. With this the term came to a wonderful end.


Second Term AS 2005/06

The school resumed on Monday and all the teachers were present but Mr Caleb and Mr Sylvester reported late on Monday morning. 125 pupils reported on Monday. We started teaching and lesson classes on Tuesday and all teachers worked hard.

The week started with a warm atmosphere and all the teachers worked hard. The absent children were visited by the school secretary. So with this the week came to an end.

The headmistress was absent today because she went to Zaria to collect the monthly salaries. The teachers put in their best in their duties and also the students in punctuality. Some didn’t come to school and the secretary paid them a visit. Some came only once but later in the day the secretary will still re-visit them and the absentees. On Thursday we had a PTA meeting and a special guest in the person of Alhaji Musa Buhari the senior education officer of Ikara LGA. He came for the purpose of enlightening the parents on the benefits of education for their children. He advised that parents should support their children both materially and financially so that they will become an important person in future. Malam Caleb traveled to Kaduna yesterday with Mr Abdulkadir to submit the application for excursion. Because the school is planning to make an excursion to the oil refineries of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation in Kaduna. With this the week came to a successful end.

We got a new teacher for class 4 to replace Emmanuela whose appointment was terminated in the person of Angelina Tanko. She reported to school on Wednesday the 08.02.2006. A welder was called to come in to order to repair doors and windows that had broken because of heavy wind. 

The week started successfully. The Headmistress went to Auchan to see Alhaji Musa Buhari on the issue of Common Entrance for our pupils in Primary 6. She paid the Common Entrance fees on Monday the 13.02.2006. The school is preparing for the continuous assessment test which will start Monday the 20.02.2006. With this the week came to a successful end. 

The week moved on smoothly and the continuous assessment test is going on. The teachers are doing their best. The absent pupils were visited and everything is moving on smoothly.

The pupils and teachers went on excursion on Tuesday to the oil refinery of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in Kaduna. It was a wonderful and instructive experience for all of us. Mr Gomiyar took two days off and was not back as of the day of the excursion. Activities resumed in the school on Wednesday and with this the week came to an end.

This week, on Tuesday the 14.03.2006, the school welcomed two nurses from Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital Zaria. They came to educate the pupils in the higher classes on sex education. The school started the second continuous assessment test on Wednesday the 15.03.2006. The test is still in progress. Today Friday the 17.03.2006, the teachers and pupils did not have their normal PE lessons due to accumulated work in the school compound. They added manure to the flowers and also repaired the fences around them which have been destroyed by cattle.

The census of the Nigerian population was going on from Tuesday the 21.03.2006 to Monday the 27.03.2006 and so the school was opened only on Monday. 

The school resumed on Monday and closed early at 12pm because the census was still not over yet and the public holiday was extended. School then resumed fully on Tuesday.  The Headmistress went to Zaria to service the computers and came back on Friday. There was a quiz competition between class 3 and class 2 which class 3 won. 

Revision started on Monday and ended on Tuesday. The exam started Tuesday afternoon with a Home Economics practical for class 6 while the main exam started on Wednesday. The exam continued till Friday and the school closed by 12pm after the last exam.

Today the 2nd term of AS 2005/06 came to an end. The examination continued on Tuesday because Monday was public holiday and the exam ended on today Wednesday the 13.04.2006. Marking of papers and computation of result continued. All the teachers worked tirelessly and everything went successfully. The school closed with prizes given to the pupils with outstanding performance.


Third Term AS 2005/06

The school resumed on Monday, the 08.05.2006. All teachers were present and 130 pupils reported to school. By Friday all the pupils resumed fully. The teachers and pupils resumed their duties earnestly and by Thursday we had visitors from the Kaduna State Ministry of Education in the persons of Aljaji Abdul Gamob and Mrs J.T. Nayan. They came for the purpose of inspecting the school. 

The activities went on smoothly and the pupils and teachers carried on their activities diligently. Malam Nuhu and Mr Caleb Dodo travelled to Zaria to sit for an FCE exam.

Democracy day was on Monday and the school went on break. The Headmistress went on an official visit to Zaria and was back on Wednesday. Activities went on normal and with this the week came to an end.

In this fifth week after resumption, the teachers and pupils worked hard, though some of the pupils were absent because their parents asked them to help in the farm. The School Management is trying to see that serious action is taking against those parents. The school had visitors on Wednesday to lecture the pupils on HIV/AIDS. The visitors came from the United Church of Christ in Nigeria (UCCN), and their aim was to take action against Aids. There was a quiz competition between classes 3 and 4, which class 4 won.

The Headmistress went to Zaria to collect items sent by Linus through Mr Huegli on Monday and came back on Tuesday afternoon. The school started the first continuous assessment test of the ongong term on Monday. Mrs Angelina Tanko took a two days leave to treat malaria fever and with this, the week came to an end.

The Headmistress was sick and was absent for three days, and she was back on Wednesday evening. The registration of new pupils is in progress and many people have registered. The school had visitors on Thursday, whose aim was to greet the school. The registration exercise ended today, the 30.06.2006. The list of admitted student will be out by Monday, the 03.07.2006.

The continuous assessment test has ended and preparations for the final exam have begun. This period is the admission period and it will continue till end of next week. Some of the teachers went to Unguwar Maimai to set questions for the quiz competition between the schools. On the 06.07.2006, our school visited the Holy Trinity School in Unguwar Maimai for quiz and football competition. The HTS won in the quiz and our school won the football match.

The school is trying to put things together for the forth coming exam. Class 6 will be going for their final exam at Inter Chapel College Secondary School Zaria on the 15.07.2006. The school is preparing for the forth coming speech and prize giving day for their final year students.

Revision week in preparation for the forth coming exam on the 26.07.2006. There was a PTA meeting to discuss matters concerning the progress of the school and the forth coming send forth for the outgoing class 6 pupils. There was a football competition between the school and LEA Kuya in which the school won with 3:2 and the week came to an end.

Third term promotion exams ended today. The teachers are busy marking and computing results while the week comes to a successful end.

The school has come to the end of the academic session 2005/2006. The school is now exactly six (6) years old! The exams ended on 01.08.2006. The teachers are trying their best to finish computation of results before Friday. The school officially closed today with the speech and price giving day and a send forth party for the outgoing pupils. It was truly a wonderful celebration!

Academic Session 2006/2007


First Term AS 2006/07

The school resumed on Monday, the 11.09.2006. All the teachers were present, including a new teacher, Ms Esther Akudike. Also present is Mr Linus Frey, who came to visit the school for six weeks. 130 pupils reported to school. Clearing the school compound and cleaning of the classes went of for two days. Classes started on Thursday with revision of previous class work.

Classes have started fully and the teachers are serious in their activity. Mr Linus is trying to put things together before returning to his country. The school has started to build a students’ hostel with dormitories for the pupils who are living at a far distance from the school. The construction is going on fine.

On Monday was Independance Day and so it was a public holiday. School commenced on Tuesday and all the teachers and pupils were present. Mr Linus came back from town with Nigerian and Swiss flags which were installed on the 03.10.2006. The first continuous assessment test started on Thursday and is still going on.

Mr Linus and the Headmistress Mrs Rita are trying to sit with the teachers to discuss the objectives of each class which have to be met at the end of each academic session. Several meetings were held with the teachers to discuss the progress of the school because the return of Mr Linus back to his country is fast approaching. Today the pupils watched television as part of the entertainment for his send forth. There was a quiz competition on Thursday between classes 2 and 3, which class 3 won.

The school activities went well. Mr Linus left the country on Sunday, the 15.10.2006. We thank God he has arrived in his country successfully.

7th week of resumption. There was Salah break was on Monday and Tuesday so school was open for three days. Every activity of the school went on smoothly and With these the week came to an end.

8th week of the term. The continuous assessment test started on Wednesday this week, on the 01.11.2006 and is still in progress. Today the whole school worked on the school compound (weeding).

9th week of the term. The teachers are all working hard. On Tuesday, Mr Marok Dodo used the television set to teach his pupils. And on Wednesday, Mr Nuhu used the television set to teach. There was a quiz competition on Thursday between classes 3 and 4, and class 4 won the competition. Today, the majority of the pupils wore their sport outfit for PE and they all looked nice in the outfit.

The end of 1st term of the academic session 2006/07 is fast approaching as we come to the end of week 10. The teachers have started submitting their question papers and teaching is still on.

The school had visitors from the Health and Medical Department Auchan. They came to immunize the pupils against polio and measles on Thursday, the 23.11.2006. Today, almost all the pupils came to school on with their PE dresses and they all looked smart.

The final exams for the 1st term started on Tuesday the 28.11.2006 will continue till the 04.12.2006. As the exams are going on, every activity in the school is moving fine and so the week comes to an end.

The exam finished on the 04.12.2006 and the marking and computing of results followed. The pupils were entertained with television to mark the end of the term. Today, the end of the 1st term comes to an end. All the teachers and pupils were very happy as prizes were distributed to the outstanding pupils. To God be the glory.


Second Term AS 2006/07 

The 2nd term began on Monday the 08.01.2007. All the teachers reported except the Headmistress who was ill and was on treatment. About one third of the pupils were present on the first day and every other activity went on as usual. Mrs Angelina Tanko was also absent because she was reported to have lost her mother and followed to convey the corpse to their home town. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace Amen.

2nd week of the term. All teachers were present. Activities of the school went on as usual.

4th week of the term. There was public holiday on Monday for the completion of INEC registration which has been on since last year. Normal classes commenced on Tuesday. There was an interruption on Wednesday due to ill behaviour of some students who tried harming their teacher by applying sting pod on their teacher’s chair. This affected the teacher and some of the students in the class. After all had been investigated, the suspect’s father was summoned this morning and it has been explained to him that his son should be expelled from school since he was found guilty. All activities resumed normal on Wednesday and the week came to a successful end.

On Monday, the 05.02.2007, the Headmistress announced the dismissal of Yohana Ango from the school while Musa Ayuba and Timothy Iliya were given one week of suspension for failing to report the matter to the school. There was a PTA meeting on Thursday and many parents turned up for the meeting and important issues were discussed. There was quiz competition between class 4 and 5, and class 4 won the competition. The school started the first continuous assessment test of the term on Monday.

6th wee of the term, the assessment test is over. All activities are moving on fine, and with this the week comes to a successful end.

The school went for excursion on Thursday. All pupils in classes 5 and 6, plus five pupils from class 4 went for the excursion. It was a wonderful trip. They visited the factory of African Textile Industry and a flower company of Dangote Flower Mills Nig. Ltd. We thank God for a successful journey.

There was a quiz competition between class 4 and 6 on Thursday, which class 6 won. Other activities went on fine and the week came to an end.

All teachers and pupils are working hard towards their objectives. There was a debate competition between class 5 and 6, which class 5 won.

All school activities are moving on well as the school approaches the end of the 2nd term .The teachers appear very smart in their new sport dresses.

The 11th week was revision week. The timetable for the final examination is out and all the teachers and pupils are working hard.

The final exam is on, and it is well organized and conducted.

This is the vacation week. The teachers worked tirelessly to see that the computation of their class results was completed. Today being the vacation day, there was a drama presentation by the pupils and many parents came to witness it. Prizes were given to the outstanding pupils. The whole program was covered on video. To all this we give God the Glory.


Third Term AS 2006/07

The school officially resumed today. There were no lessons but the pupils were asked to fetch water and to tidy up their classes and the school compound. Mr Caleb and Mr Nuhu are yet to resume.

5th week of the term. There was public holiday on Monday and Tuesday because of children’s day and democracy day. The normal activites during the week were carried out successfully.

7th week of the term. There was PTA meeting on Thursday and it was successful.

8th week of the term. We have started the registration process for new pupils on Monday, 18.06.2007 and it will go on fort wo weeks.

10th week of the term. The 2nd continuous assessment test started on Monday and ended today Friday. The school had visitors from Zaria who came to lecture the pupils and parents on health and other issues.

The end of academic session 2006/07 is fast approaching. There was a debate competition between class 5 and 6. The topic was „Are mixed schools better than single schools?” Class 6 won in the debate. The school started revision this Friday and it will last for four days.

The revision continued from Monday to Wednesday. There was a general game competition between the school houses on Thursday and all activities went on fine. On the same Thursday, there were visitors from Zaria. The end of term examinations started today, the 20.07.2007.

The vacation week. The exams ended on Wednesday, and the teachers all worked hard on the computing and marking of the papers. The school vacated today with a little ceremony to mark the end of the academic session and also to bid the outgoing students farewell.

Academic Session 2007/2008


First Term AS 2007/08

1st week of the term. In August, Mr Linus Frey had arrived for his yearly visit and he stays for seven weeks in order to supervise the construction of the new Secondary School building. The building will contain three class rooms for classes JSS 1 to JSS 3, a teachers’ room and an office for the Principal Mrs Rita Muolokwu. The construction work is going on fine.

Lessons continued throughout the week. A new teacher called Andrew James reported on the 13.09.2007 and another teacher called Aniah Sylvanus reported on the 14.09.2007. The week ended successfully.

On the 18.09.2007, Mr. Linus rented a small airplane from the National College of Aviation Technology in Zaria. He took two NPS students (Rifkatu Andrawus and Istifanus Yakubu) with him and the pilot flew them to the school in order for Mr Linus to take aerial photographs of the school and the environment. We hired a camera man to cover the event, and the pupils formed the initials of the school with their bodies, so that it will appear on the pictures taken from the airplane. The school interviewed new pupils for admission into the newly opened Junior Secondary School but all failed except one named Rahab Sunday. Today, Mr Linus went round the classes to say goodbye to all the pupils because he is returning back to his country. He had a last meeting with the teachers and a small send forth party was held.

On Monday Ms Obiageli Okafor and Ms Esther Akudike were absent from school due to illness, while Mr James Andrew was also absent from because he was in Zaria for exams. All school activities were carried out successfully.

This week Monday was public holiday because of Indepenence Day. All of the teachers were present except for Mr James Andrew who left for Zaria to write his final exams.

The Headmistress was absent for two days due to some family problems. Mr Marok collected school textbooks from the Domtex book shop in Zaria. Mrs Esther Akudike reported late on the 15.10.2007.

8th week of the term. All the teachers were present and performed their duties diligently. Ms Esther was absent from Wednesday to Friday to receive treatment in Zaria.

Lessons took place throughout the week. It was the week of the 2nd continuous assessment test and it was well conducted. Ms Obiageli was absent for two days to receive treatment in Kaduna.

A new student by the name Yosi Gambo was demoted to class 4 due to poor academic performance. The school made a mistake of taking in a transferred unqualified student into a particular class, which will not be repeated.

The holidays are fast approaching and he school has started revision today.

Holidays are fast approaching and lots of activities are taking place. The revision ended on Tuesday. There was an inter-house game competition on Wednesday the 28.11.2007. We had visitors from NTA Zaria on the same day. The end of term exams started on the 29.11.2007 and will continue next week.

Today marks the end of the 1st term of the academic session 2007/2008 and to this we give God the Glory.


Second Term of AS 2007/08

The school opened officially on the 7th of January 2008. Sanitation took two days, and normal classes started on Wednesday.

Up till now the school has found no replacement for Mr James, who has been dismissed from service last term. But there was a job interview on the 15.01.2008 in which one Mr Tony was given the appointment. He is to report to the school on the 21.01.2008. There was a visitor on Sunday the 13.01.2008 in the person of Alhaji Aminu Mohammed. He brought some exercise books and text books to the school.

There was practice for the stage play and the debate which was presented on the 24.01.2008 during the lunching of the school almanac. It was very successful and was witnessed by many people.

There was a quiz competition between class 4 and 5 on Friday. The Headmistress had a meeting with the school prefects during which she reminded them of their duty to the school.

The Headmistress and Mr Marok Dodo left the school by 10:30am to the Ikara LGA secretariat to congratulate the newly elected chairman. There was a visitor in the school from the Kaduna State Ministry of Education for private schools. He came to supervise the school on the 07.02.2008.

There was a quiz competition between class 5 and 6 and all activities were carried out as usual. There is a problem with the borehole which is causing a lot of problems as the puoils have to go to Kuya to fetch water. The teachers and pupils are putting in their best in their duties. The JSS 1 students have started a weekly news broadcast in Hausa about the weekly events and it is really nice. It is going to be a continuous process.

The school was opened for 4 days. There was an excursion to Kaduna Trade Fair on the 26.02.2008. It was very successful and interesting to both pupils and teachers.

Mrs Angelina Tanko has gone on her three months maternity leave and she was replaced by Buhari Yukubu who reported on Monday but went back to Zaria to complete his school assignement. He is to resume fully on the 10.03.2008.

The school has started the end of term revision on Monday and it ended on Tuesday. There was inter-house sport competition on Tuesday. The end of term examination started on Wednesday and it will continue till Tuesday next week.

Today marks the end of the 2nd term. The computation of results was carried out successfully. Prices were given to the outstanding students and the school closed at 4.00pm.


Third Term AS 2007/08

The school officially opened on the 21.04.2008. About 170 pupils were present on this first day. Sanitation took place during two days and classes commenced by Wednesday.

School was opened for four days only, due to the public holidays on worker’s day on 1st of May.

There are five teaching practice students from FCE (Federal College of Education) Zaria and they will teach at NPS for 3 months.

School was opened for three days only due to public holidays on Tuesday and Thursday to mark Children’s Day and Democracy Day. The Headmistress went to Auchan on Tuesday and to Zaria on Wednesday in order to attend meetings of private schools in which important issues were discussed. Every other activity in the school went on as normal.

Registration for new intakes has started on Monday and ended on Wednesday already. This is due to the exceptionally high number of pupils that turned up for the registration. There was an interview exercise for transfer students who want to enter Junior Secondary School on Thursday. About 43 pupils turned up.

Selling and filling of admission forms for the successful pupils is in progress.

There was inter-house sport competition on Thursday and Friday. The school dismissed by 12.00pm throughout this week because of the ongoing revision.

For the five days of this week, classes were supervised by Mr Remo Rueppel, a teacher student from the Swiss Zurich University of Teacher Education, who had come to Nigeria together with Mr Linus Frey. Exams started on Wednesday and they are moving on fine. Mr Remo and Mr Linus are both working hard for the progress of the school. We give glory to God as the 2007/08 academic session comes to an end.

Academic Session 2008/2009


First Term AS 2008/09

Mr Linus left for his country at the end of this week after having successfully finished his work.

Activities went on as normal, all the teachers were present and also the pupils, except for some repeaters who refused to come back. Mr Tony Akang left the school due to some personal reasons.

Two new teachers reported on Tuesday, being Mr Paul Gabriel and Ms Nonye Ndonye. Ms Nonye replaces Tony and Mr Paul will take over the new class 1B.

The school started revision on Monday and it lasted for three days. There was inter-house sport competition for two days and exams commenced on Friday.

The 1st term has come to and end, and the school vacated today.


Second Term AS 2008/98 

The 2nd term started on the 05.01.2009 and three teachers reported. Ms Nonye Ndonye reported late by 9.30am, and Mr Sylvanus reported later in the day. Not all the pupils reported on the 1st day. Sanitizing the school compound took place on the first two days after resumption. Normal classes started on Wednesday.

All the teachers were present except for Ms Obiageli Okafor who resumed today due to ill health. Almost all the pupils reported except for those who reported sick.

The school was opened throughout the week. The school lost one of its students, Nuhu Istifanus, on the 17.01.2009 and the school paid the parents a condolence visit on the 19.01.2009. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace Amen.

All activities went on as usual. Two new teachers were employed and they reported last week. They are Mr Sesugh Tyokegh and Mr Pever Tersoo.

There was PTA meeting on Thursday the 12.02.2009 and it went on well.

Activities went on as usual. The teachers and students were doing their best in fulfilling their duties. The new school secretary is now Mr Sylvanus Aniah.

All activities went on as usual. There was a debate competition between classes 5 and 6. The topic was „Should early marriage be discouraged?” Class 5 won the debate and they are now to challenge JSS1 next time. Thursday was a free day for the entire school because class 5 and 6 went for excursion to the Millennium Park in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. Pupils and teachers all came back successfully without any mishap.

There was a quiz competition between class 5 and JSS 1. JSS 1 won with 5 points.

On Monday there was public holidays to mark. All activities went on as normal. There was a PTA meeting on Thursday, the 12.03.2009, during which a written message from Mr Linus was discussed and all was happy.

All activities went on successfully. NPS students will be going for inter-school competition on the 21.03.2009 at Holy Trinity School Unguwar Maimai, Gwanki.

The school inter-house sport competition that was scheduled to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday was cancelled due to exams. The revision started on Friday last week and ended on Tuesday this while the exams started on Thursday and will be ending by Wednesday next week.

The school has come to the end of the term. The examinations were written from Monday to Wednesday and the whole exercise was successful. The teachers did their result computing successfully. Today, Mr Linus Frey sent his greetings to all the teachers and wished them happy holidays.


Third Term AS 08/09

On Monday, the following teachers reported back to school: Mr Marok Caleb Dodo, Mr Nuhu Emmanuel, Ms Obiageli Okafor, Mr Paul Yilkur, Mrs Angelina Tanko, Ms Nonye and Mr Tyokegh Sesugh. On Tuesday, Mr Tyokegh Sesugh left to Zaria and returned on Thursday. Mr Aniah returned on Tuesday. By Wednesday, all the teachers were present except the Principal who had traveled to Lagos to take care of some health problems. The school was opened for four days, and Friday was a public holiday. Activities that took place during this period were sanitation, fetching of water, examining the students’ general appearance and revision of last term’s work. A pupils was reported to have dropped out from class six.

Teacher meetings were held and important issues were discussed. Classes went on as usual, about 245 students reported. The teachers and pupils are all active in their duties.

All activities went on as normal. Almost all the students have fully reported back to school, except those who refused to come back because of marriage and other reasons, and they are Rahila Yakubu and Alisabatu Luka. The school is facing a serious problem of water supply because the borehole has spoiled. It is affecting the pupils because during break time, they have to walk to Kuya or even further to fetch water and they will not come back till after second break. This is really affecting the school program.

The school was opened for three days only, due to Children’s Day on 27. and Democracy Day on 29. The first continuous assessment test started on Monday, the 25.05.2009. The teachers also organized lessons for themselves on all subjects and this takes place every first and last Thursday of every month (teachers’ further education). It is a two hours course and it is quite interesting.

Normal school activities were carried out. The problem of water supply has been resolved because thankfully, Alhaji Yusuf came from Zaria and repaired the borehole.

There were evening games for the teachers and pupils every Thursday. An improvised field has been cleared and it is now in use.

Registration of new pupils started on Monday and it lasted for three days only due to the large number of pupils that turned up. In only three days, about 200 children were registered, but only 44 pupils can be admitted into Primary 1A and 1B. There was game practice on Thursday and a large number of people turned up.

The term is coming to an end. The school has started the second continuous assessment test and it will end on Wednesday next week.

The registration period is over and the term is coming to an end as the second continuous assessment test continues.

The end of the academic session 2008/09 is fast approaching and the school has started revision on Wednesday and this will last for one week. There will be Common Entrance Examination on Saturday in the school premises which we hope will be successful.

Revision ended on Tuesday and exams started on Wednesday this week and will continue till next Wednesday. There was a general inter-house sport competition on Tuesday. The Common Entrance Exam was finalized today, and it was conducted successfully.

The examination ended on Wednesday and the teachers are working hard in marking and computing the results. The pupils are busy tiding up the school and putting everything in order. Today being the closing day, everyone is happy as the teacher successfully computed the results and the Principal worked tirelessly to cross check the results. During assembly, the Principal made her speech and gifts were given to the outstanding students. Everyone went for holidays happily.

Academic Session 2009/2010

First Term AS 2009/10

School resumes today. The cleaning and sweeping exercise was completed, and 75% of the students and pupils were in attendance. The teachers also turned up except for some who couldn’t make it because of reasons beyond their control. In addition to that, Andreas Linus Frey is also presently together with us. Assembly was conducted as usual, and the teachers held their normal beginning of term meeting which was presided by Linus. New teachers were introduced during to the school during the assembly and the day was ended successfully.

On the 9th of September 2009, Najude Pioneer School had very important guests from Kaduna in the persons of Imam Ashafa and Pastor James Wuye from the Interfaith Mediation Centre. Like last year, they came together with their entire entourage on invitation of Mr Linus Frey. They preached unity among Christians and Muslims, and to accept each other, to show love to one another and thus live together in peace.

The school is closing for one week due to Sallah break.

After the Sallah break, the students and pupils really did well in coming back on time, and so the normal activities of the school went on smoothly.

There was a football game between the teachers and students, and the teachers won with 3:2. On Thursday, there was a quiz competition between Primary 2a and 2b, and Primary 2a came out first with a score of 150 to 140.

It was reported that on Monday evening, the new secretary, Mr Sylvanus Aniah, lost the school motorcycle, which was the only means of transport. It had been stolen from him when he went out for an errand. Everybody was advised to be on the lookout to find the motorcycle.

Normal activities were carried out. The only problem was that once again, the borehole pump had problems. This disturbed the learning of the pupils in the classes because the children had to go far in search of water. The person to repair the borehole has been informed, and he is scheduled to come to the village next week.

On the 29th, there was a quiz competition between classes 2a (the winner of the last quiz) and Primary 3, and Primary 3 came out as the winner. There was also teacher refresher course, with Mr Sylvanus Aniah and Mrs Angelina Tanko being the teachers of the day.

Normal school activities were carried out.

The second continuous assessment test started on Monday and will continue till next week. Today, there was a football match between Najude Pioneer School and the Kuya Secondary School with Kuya emerging as the winner.

Normal weekly activities were going on.

The school has entered revision week in preparation for the 1st term examinations. For the next two days, the school will close due to public holidays, marking the Muslim festival Eid al-Kabir.

There was an inter-house competition and all the students and pupils from various houses participated actively. The examinations started on the 02.04.09 and will continue till next week.

The games are over and the D-day has come: Results were announced and gifts presented to those students who scored 1st, 2nd and 3rd position. We give God the glory for bringing us to the end of the term successfully.

Second Term AS 2009/10

Today, the school opened for the 2nd term of the academic session 2009/2010. Almost all the teachers, students and pupils resumed today except for some who due to some reasons beyond their control were not able to come back. Sweeping and cleaning the classes and school premises were done. A roll call was made and it was announced that those students and pupils who didn’t come back without having a genuine reason will be punished.

Normal classes started on Wednesday, but the school is still facing the water problem, because the borehole has still problems. The children waste a lot of their time fetching water for the teachers from far away wells, and by so doing most of them get tired and the lessons don’t interest them again.

On Monday, being the 1st of February 2010, two new teachers and a nurse were introduced in the assembly: They are Ezekiel James, Samuel Macaulay and Nafisat Abdulalaziz. Also that same morning, Mr Marok Caleb Dodo announced that he was leaving the school to further his education at Ahmadu Bello University, and that he will come back after he has finished.

Many parents were troubling the school because they want to sign the undertaking letter proving their support for their wards to be given worm treatments, which will start from next week. They were being attended to by the school nurse. The school also held the 2010 orientation for the new students and pupils in order to educate them on the rules and regulations guiding the school. Also, the newly elected prefects were reminded of their respective responsibilities.

On Monday, being the 7th of February 2010, the first CA test started and it will continue till next week. On Wednesday, Mr. Linus Frey and a medical doctor by the name of Dr. Alex arrived at the school. The teachers and the students and pupils and some parents welcomed them. We were very excited because they came for the purpose of carrying out a research on the infection rate with intestinal worms among the pupils and the effects on their well being. Also, all the infected pupils, students and teachers will be treated for free, which is also part of the study. The students and pupils were asked to collect containers from the school nurse which will be used to collect samples of their stool for the research project.

Mr Linus is coming to the school every morning, and then he returns to Ahmadu Bello University, where he and Dr. Alex are collaborating with the Department of Community Medicine on this study. Several meetings were held with him during the week.

Drugs were given to the students and pupils who were infested with worms. In fact, according to WHO standards, all the pupils of NPS were de-wormed because of the high rate of infection. Only the children of the parents who didn’t sign the undertaking were not treated.

A lecturer from ABU Zaria came to supervise the principal who was doing her teaching practice at the school.

Normal class and activities.

During this week, the second round of drugs was administered to the pupils and students to complete the de-worming treatment.

Primary 1 and 2 were shown educational films as part of their education. The new subject Computer Studies was introduced to all the classes with the exception of Primary 1 and 2. There was also debate competition between JSS 2 and 3 on the topic „Are Science and Technology evil to the Society?“ At the end, JSS 3, who was opposing the motion, emerged as the winner.

On Tuesday, the 16th of March 2010, the school went for an excursion to the Millenium Park in Abuja, the largest public park of the capital city. It was a very successful and wonderful excursion and everybody came back safely.

The 2nd term examinations started on Monday, the 22.03 and ended today Friday.

The end of the second term came to and end today. The principal made sure that the school was kept in order before everybody left for holidays.


Third Term AS 2009/10

The term began on the 03.05.2010. There was public holiday on Monday (Workers’ Day) and Thursday (Day of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria). Due to this the school was on for three days only. All the teachers were present except for Malam Nuhu Dahiru and some of the pupils who reported ill.

The normal school activity went on successfully. The school conducted interviews for the recruitment of new teachers and this exercise lasted for two days. The school employed five new teachers and they resumed work immediately. Today, the school planted trees which will serve as wind breakers and will give shade.

There were games and fetching of water by the pupils. There were classes throughout the week except on Tuesday because the teachers went to Zaria to see the Mr Ernest Huegli for a brief meeting and so it was declared a free day.

The school was opened for three days due to public holidays on 27th (Children’s Day) and 29th (Democracy Day). All school activities were carried out successfully.

Registration exercise started on Monday and will continue till 25.06.2010. The parents turned up for this exercise till the week came to an end.

The registration exercise will be rounding up today. There was a quiz competition between class 1A and 2A in which 2A emerged as the winner. The borehole has broken down again and so the pupils go as far as Dogon Awo , Kuya, ’Yanyalo and Unguwar Kurmi in search of water.

This week the successful students are being registered and given admission into Primary 1. The parents of the successful students are responding positively concerning the buying of uniforms and paying of school fees. The school is making preparation towards the send forth of the present JSS3 students which we hope will be on the 27th of this month. All the houses are preparing school drama, marching, debate, fashion parade etc. the JSS3 students have finished their exams on Wednesday, the 20.06.2010 and went home to wait for the D-Day.

The weekly activities were carried out successfully. The final registration for the admitted students ended today.

This week, the school could once again welcome Mr Linus Frey from Switzerland. And he didn’t come alone, but along with him came Ms Nadja, the second teacher student from the Swiss Zurich University of Teacher Education to do her practical at Najude Pioneer School. Nadja has been teaching in different classes, and during holidays, she will hold a workshop for the teachers’ further education. All in all, she will be staying for one month. Meanwhile, the end of the term is fast approaching as the school started revision on Monday. Exams started on Thursday and are still going on presently. The unitary exam for JSS1 and 2 started on Tuesday and is still going on.

The school has come to the end of the vacation week. Exams ended on Wednesday and marking and computing of results took place successfully. The school vacated on Friday with a send forth celebration for the JSS3 students.

The school organized a two weeks workshop for the teachers. Ms Nadja and Linus coordinated the whole exercise. Ms Nadja taught the teachers a lot of things which will help them in their careers, and the teachers were very grateful to her. Today marks the end of the exercise and the school organized a send forth party in honour of Ms Nadja. We wish her a safe trip back to her country.

Academic Session 2010/2011


First Term AS 2010/11

The resumption date coincided with Sallah break and so throughout the week there was a break.

The school resumed fully on Monday, the 13.09.2010 with twelve teachers present: Ms Nonye Ndonye, Mrs Obiageli, Mrs Maureen, Ms Monica, Ms Nafisat, Mr Tersoo, Mr Ezekiel, Mr Salisu, Mr Lukman, Mr Macaulay, Mr Akpan and the Principal, Mrs Rita Muolokwu. The first and second days of resumption were used for sanitation. On Wednesday was revision and on Thursday normal classes started. The remaining teachers reported before Thursday. Everyone reported back to school safely and in good health.

There was debate competition between Primary 6 and JSS1 and the topic was „Should corporal punishment be abolished?”, and JSS 1 emerged as the winner.

On Thursday and Friday, revision took place. Mr Ernest Huegli paid a visit to the school in order to investigate the area in which the new automatic borehole will be constructed. This automatic water pump will immensely benefit the pupils and the teachers. Lack of water when the borehole had problems was seriously affecting school activities.

The end of term examinations started on Thursday and they are still in progress.

Today, the 1st term of AS 2010/11 comes to an end. The examinations ended on Wednesday, the 01.12.2010. The marking and computation of results and other activities were carried out successfully. As normal, prices were given to the outstanding students


Second Term AS 2010/11

The school resumed today with only six teachers being present: The Principal Mrs Rita Muolokwu, Mr Lukman, Mr Akpan, Mr Ezra, Mr Salisu, Ms Nafisat and Mr Samuel, who reported late at around 11am. The students that came were very few in fact not more than a quarter of the normal population. The act of tidying up the environment was done and there was also a teacher meeting in which crucial matters were discussed.

All the teachers were present except Mr Oscar whose mother was admitted into the hospital.

The school was opened for just two days due to the compulsory public holidays declared by the Federal Government because of the ongoing electoral registration.

Today, the school reopened afresh because the election holiday has finally ended. All the staffs reported back to school except the Principal who took leave to Zaria in order look for admission for the new scholarship students at St. Bartholomew, Wusasa.

The school’s normal activities were in full force. Two teachers lost their mother on Monday night and they left the school to attend the burial. The teachers will pay a condolence visit to them coming Saturday. We pray for her gentle soul to rest in perfect peace, Amen.

The school had supervisors from Kaduna this week. They came to inspect the school in order to approve it as a center for Junior Secondary School Examination. They came on Wednesday, the 09.02.2011. And Mr Ernest Huegli was also here on Thursday, the 10.02. 2011 to supervise the construction of the automatic water pump and also the welfare of the school.

The first test started on Monday, the 14.02.2011 and will last till next week. The school activities are all moving on fine.

The school was opened for four days because Monday was declared a free day by the school to enable the teachers to pay a condolence visit to Mrs Maureen who sadly lost her son on Sunday. It was very sad news and a great shock to everybody. We pray for his gentle soul to rest in perfect peace, Amen. Also, one of the teachers got sick and fainted in his room. He was rushed to the hospital at Makarfi where he was admitted and received treatment. Although the week was filled with sad news, lessons still took place.

On Monday and Tuesday, the school was visited by supervisors from the zonal offices at Anchau and Kaduna for a quality assurance inspection. The second CA test started on Monday and it will be in progress till next week. Other activities of the school were carried out as usual.

Revision started on Monday, the 21.03.2011. The teachers and pupils are all doing fine.


Third Term AS 2010/11

The school resumed today with eleven teachers being present. There was a teacher meeting and it went fine. Two thirds of the students and pupils were present. The students tidied up the school and its environments.

Normal activities of the school commenced on Tuesday. About 85% of the students were present.

Tomorrow Friday, the 27.05.2011, it will be Children’s Day, a national holiday.

The school was opened for four days because Monday, the 29.05.2011 was declared a public holiday (Democracy Day).

The registration of new pupils into Primary 1 started on Monday, the 13.06.2011 and the response was high. The exercise lasted for 5 days. A new method of registration was introduced whereby parents must come with the original birth certificate of their children.

The JSS3 students wrote their Junior WAEC Examination on Monday, the 20.06.2011.

Normal activities were carried out. The JSS3 examination ended on Wednesday the, 29.06.2011.

The registration exercise ended today. There was PTA meeting yesterday, being the 07.07.2011.

The JSS1and 2 exams are in progress and JSS3 students continue with their computer lessons. The primary school exams are fast approaching.

The promotion exams for JSS1 and 2 have ended and Primary school exams started today. The unitary exams for JSS1 and 2 started yesterday.

Today, we have reached the end of the AS 2010/11. The examinations ended on Wednesday, and marking and computation of results ended this morning. The sent forth ceremony began by 2:00pm and the occasion was graced with dancing, school drama and songs. Prices were given to the outstanding students and the term came to a successful end.

Academic Session 2011/2012

First Term AS 2011/12

Today is resumption day and the first day of the first term of the AS 2011/2012. Nine teachers reported back to school: Mrs Nonye, Mrs Obiagli, Ms Uju, Ms Monica, Mr Akpan, Mr Lukman, Mr Tersoo, Mr Ezekiel and Mrs Muolokwu. Quite a good number of students were present and the school opened with a welcoming address and advice by the principal on the assembly ground. The students tidied up the school environment and the principal and Mr Lukman registered the new intakes. At the end of the registration exercise there was a staff meeting which lasted for 45mins. There were no lessons on this first day and the pupils were dismissed at 12pm.

On the 17th of November the school held its second orientation in order to welcome the new students and pupils to the school and also the enlighten them on the school rules and regulations. Activities like drama, songs and news were presented by the different clubs we have in the school. There also was a small refreshment to grace the occasion.

A PTA meeting was held on the 24th of November 2011. The election of new officers was successfully conducted.

Today marks the end of the first term of the AS 2011/2012. A lot of prices were given out to students and pupils who merited them. The teachers and the non-teaching staff celebrated their end of year party.

Second Term AS 2011/12

Today is the resumption day and the beginning of the second term in the AS 2012/2013. There was cleaning and tiding up of classrooms and the school surroundings by the students and pupils with the teachers supervising them.

Eid al-Kabir was celebrated on the 6th of February 2012, being a national public holiday.

Mr Linus Mai Gidan Zaki is presently staying with us for two weeks. During his stay, he is organizing and supervising a lot of work, such as the maintenance and renovation of the old teachers’ quarter, the painting of the new library and community hall building, including an art drawing on the outside wall, the installation of a new television set in the school hall and many others things. On Monday, the 13th February 2012, Mr Huegli came to the school with a Nigerian visitor from Benin who is residing in Switzerland and who also is a member of the Friends of Najude Pioneer School in Switzerland. His name Mr. Robert Ogieva. He came to see the progress of the school and he was very happy with us. Mr Linus went back to Switzerland on the 17th of February 2012.

The second term exams started on Wednesday, the 21st of March 2012 after two days of revision. There was inter-house sport on Tuesday in which the houses participated wonderfully.

The exams ended on Wednesday, and marking and computation of results were being done. The term came to an end today, the 30th of March 2012.

Third Term AS 2011/12

The third term resumes today, being the 30th of April 2012. All the teachers and about 80% of the students were present. There was a public holiday on the 1st of May 2012, being the workers day. Teacher meetings were held on Monday and Thursday. Termly activities were drawn and normal classes started immediately.

On the 15.05.2012, the school made an excursion to the School of Veterinary Medicine at ABU Zaria, which was a very interesting trip for the pupils and the teachers. A lot of pictures were being taken.

Two new staff members were employed today: Mr Ezra Maikasuwa, the new clinic nurse, and Mr Nuhu Ishaya, the new Primary 2 class teacher. There were national holidays on 27th and 29th of May to mark the Children’s Day and Democracy Day.

The school elected new prefects that will serve the school for the period of one year. The old ones are now preparing for their forth coming examination. There was also inter-class quiz competition between Primary 1A and 1B, with Primary 1A emerging as winner.

There was a PTA meeting on Thursday, the 21.06.2012. Registration into Primary 1 started on Monday, the 18.06.2012. There were tensions in Zaria and most of the teachers who went for weekend didn’t come back because of the curfew imposed by the military.

There was a labour exercise on Monday.

There was a very interesting drama presentation on Thursday by the drama club, and for the first time, they did their drama on the new stage in the community hall. The CA tests started on Monday and will continue till next week. The was a debate competition on Thursday between the Primary 5 boys and Primary 6 girls, also on the new stage in the community hall. The topic was „What a man can do, a woman can do better“.

Exams started on the 18th and ended on the 24th of July 2012. There was inter-house sport to mark the end of term academic session. Bishop Lamido of Wusasa paid a visit to the school just to see how we are doing and also to see his church. Today marks the end of the Academic Session 2011/12, and everybody is going for holidays.


Academic Session 2012/2013

First Term AS 2012/13

The first term resumes today. All the teachers resumed, except the ones on the LVT program at ABU Zaria. Only few pupils resumed back to school because the resumption date was in the middle of the week.

All the students and pupils have resumed. Registration for JSS1 is ongoing. A new teacher in the person of Mr Chidozie Onyekaba reported today. He is the new Primary 6 teacher.

Many parents were coming to buy text books and writing material, and they are also paying their children’s school fees.

Orientation was organized for the new students and pupils, and also for the new prefects. The rules and regulations guiding the school were read and explained to the pupils and students. The school also educated the students on career guidance and a lot of activities were organized, which made the occasion very colourful. The new teachers Ms Eucheria Okoye and Mr Marok Dodo did report to duty. Eucheria will be in Primary 5 to replace Samuel Macaulay while Mr Caleb Dodo will be the Primary 1A teacher.

The first CA test started last week and ended today. We held our weekly meeting on Monday and vital issues that will bring progress to the school were discussed. Last week, we paid Naira 15’000.00 to the Anchau office of the Kaduna State Ministry of Eduction, being the LGA renewal fee for three years for all private schools in Ikara LGA. The receipt has been filed to the official school documents file. The school nurse went to Kano last week to buy drugs for the school’s sick ward and also for the hostel pupils. He bought enough of it. Also, the school has opened a medicine shop, which will help some of the villagers who wish to buy medicine or receive treatment from the school nurse to do so. The school nurse is responsible for it. Any profit realized will be paid into in the school account.

Sallah break on Friday and Monday was duly observed by the school. The NPS press club is trying its best in educating the pupils and students on socialization. The club is really progressing. The school clinic is moving on very well, and the students and pupils are given a very good treatment. The new medicine shop is in progress, and the villagers are patronizing it. The new library is functioning very well, and the children are really making use of it. We have extended the library to the community hall as discussed with Mr Linus, because the library does not contain all the students and pupils and it really helps us. The LVT teachers have resumed their work, unless Sam and Monica, who will resume on Thursday, 1st of November. All the teachers are doing their best.

The school organized a send forth party for two of its teachers that had served the school for a period of two years: Mr Oscar Odirinwunne and Mrs Maureen Obodokwe. The NPS Drama Club organized a drama to grace the occasion of the day. Gifts were presented to the celebrants by the principal and the PTA chairman of the school. Food and drinks were served and a lot of snapshots were made. It was a very blissful celebration.

The activities of this week were carried out successfully. A new camera was bought for the NPS Press Club because of their hard work, and they were using it effectively by snapping a lot of pictures. Very soon, their first report will be uploaded to the NPS website. There was a quiz completion held as one of the term activities of the school. The competition was between classes 4 and 5, and Primary 5 emerged as the winner with 195 points against 175 points. The school has just rounded up her second CA test which was perfectly done. The end of the term is fast approaching so the teachers and pupils are making efforts toward the preparation of the forth coming examination.

The principal visited the District Head of Auchan (Sarkin Auchan), Barrister Hassan Lawal, together with the teachers. They wanted to confirm if the teachers of NPS are working under his domain, which he confirmed. This means that the school is operating under his protection, and the teachers are included in this protection.

The first term examinations started on Wednesday, the 28th of November 2012. They will continue till next week. Everything was going on smoothly. Last week, the District Head of Auchan (Sarkin Auchan) did not come to the school as scheduled due some reasons beyond his control. He promised to be here on Sunday, the 2nd of December 2012, and we look forward to welcome him in the school.

As planned, the District Head of Auchan (Sarkin Auchan), Barrister Hassan Lawal, graced the NPS with his visit on Sunday, the 2nd of December 2012. He advised the villagers that the school is operating under his territory and protection, and that the villagers shall try their best to continue to support and champion the school. He said that the school is a very big opportunity for the whole community, and that they have to make sure it will continue to prosper. He also promised to come back for another meeting with the villagers after holidays. Furthermore, he promised to inform the LGA Chairman and the State Governor about the astounding progress of the school in the past years. He will try to convince them to bring a road and electricity to NPS and the surrounding villages. In his honour, songs, speeches and a drama were presented. The pictures of his visit can be seen on the NPS website. The first term examinations ended on Wednesday. There was an inter-house game competition, and the pupils of the primary school section appeared in their beautiful colourful game wears. The first term of the AS 2012/13 ended today, the 7th of December 2012, and everybody went for holidays. Resumption date for the 2nd term will be on the 7th of January 2013.

Second Term AS 2012/13

The school resumed for the second term on the 7th of January 2013. Almost all the teachers were present on the 1st day of resumption. But two of them were absent without excuse on the first school day: Marok Caleb Dodo and Pever Isaac Tersoo. Angelina Tanko is still on her three months maternity leave, she is to resume on the first week of February. More than half of the total population of the students and pupils was present on that first day after holidays. The weather was very cold and harsh, but the principal advised everybody to be punctual and hardworking despite the conditions. During the teachers meeting which was held on Monday, the principal warned all the teachers that henceforth, a new law on late coming and being absent from duty without excuse will take effect: Every teacher that comes late has to pay a penalty fee of N 2’000.00. Anything after 07:30 in the morning counts as late coming, which means that 07:31 is late coming. Furthermore, a person who is absent for the day without excuse will pay a penalty fee of N 3’000.00. After cleaning the class rooms and the school compound on Monday, normal lesson started on Tuesday, the 8th of February 2013. During the week, there was a tremendous change in the rate of late coming despite the cold weather.

Throughout the week, there was no latecoming from the teachers. The students and the pupils were also punctual, and only few of them are still to resume. The school PRO Mr. Lukman will pay them a visit this weekend. Mr Tersoo resumed on Friday, and his reason for not resuming on time was a family problem. The newly elected Ikara LGA chairman Mr Mohammed Dati, who had visited Najude Pioneer School during his campaign tour, has commissioned a new manual borehole for the local community.

This week, the school was opened for just four days, due to the celebration of Mawlid an-Nabi, the observance of the birthday of prophet Mohammed, which took place on Thursday, the 24th of January 2013. The school also had a visitor in the person of Mr Alex Onyeije. He is a trained engineer working for „Safe Energy Resources”, a solar technology company in Kaduna. He was taking a look at the school compound, since we are planning to install solar panels in order to power the school, the teachers’ quarters, the pupils’ hostel and the automatic water pump, hopefully around October 2013. He highly appreciated the efforts of the Swiss donors toward the development of this remote village. The school has started to collect and arrange all the school books in the library, and we are also planning on buying additional books like novels, nonfiction books etc., so that the pupils will have enough reading material. They are already making use of the library regularly and in high numbers. Also, the school launched the new pool table and the table tennis table , which can be used by the pupils and the teachers. Everybody was very happy, and the teachers and pupils have already started practicing a lot in order to improve their skills, as their will be inter-house and teachers-pupils competitions in the future.

This week, school activities were going on as usual, and all the teachers were present. Mr. Simon Eka brought some books such as story books and novels as well as a few text books, which will be used to equip the library. Each book comes with several copies, including teacher copies. Since we are looking for new teachers, interviews were conducted. A female teacher has passed the interview, and she will come back next week in order to start with her work. Among other subjects, she will teach business studies. A new satellite television receiver was bought and installed. It is of the latest technology and can even receive HD programmes. The teachers can now also receive and watch the matches of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa, hoping Nigeria will win the quarterfinal match against Ivory Coast coming Sunday, and, ultimately, the tournament...

Our new teacher, Mrs Deborah Ambi, has started work this Monday. She is the new class teacher of Primary 3. There was a quiz competition on Thursday between Primary 5 and Primary 6, and the pupils of Primary 6 emerged as the winners. Mrs Angelina Tanko resumed work on Monday after her three months of maternity leave. She and her baby are sound and healthy, and we thank God for that. On Wednesday, Nigeria won the semifinal against Mali, and we are now hoping and praying that the Super Eagles will also be victorious in the final against Burkina Faso coming Sunday.

The week started with very good news, as on Sunday, the Super Eagles won their third Africa Cup of Nations championship, so everybody was very happy and proud. The teachers held a meeting to officially welcome the new teacher, Mrs Deborah Ambi. On Wednesday, the examination officer went to Anchau in order to submit the fees for the JSS3 exam registrations. The principal was not in the school on Thursday and Friday, as she went to Zaria to obtain her statement of result at Ahmadu Bello University and also to go to the hospital to receive treatment because she was not feeling fine.

This week, the school was opened for five days as usual. On Monday and Thursday the teachers held their meetings and vital issues were discussed. The newly formed „NPS Committee for the prevention of sexual harassment and rape“, which consists of three female and two male teachers, has written a first draft of the „Rules and Regulations for the prevention of sexual harassment and rape in NPS“. It has also elected Mrs Angelina Tanko as the „Appointee for pupils’ safety and protection“. In the search of a new Headmaster for the school, a secret ballot was conducted among the teachers. The result is to be revealed next week. The principal told all the teachers to submit their end of the term examination questions as soon as possible. A spelling competition, one for primary school and one for secondary school, will be conducted once a year, with a very special price for the winners, which will be provided by the Management. There is a seminar going on in the school on the topic of HIV/AIDS, organized by the NPS Committee for the prevention of sexual harassment and rape. The program will last four weeks, and it has started on Wednesday, the 20th of February 2013. The program is conducted by the Association for Reproduction and Family Health (ARFH), in collaboration with the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and with support from The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The program coordinator for Auchan district is Mr Bala Isiya, a corps member who is a peer educator. A peer educator is someone with knowledge on a particular issue concerning many and who spreads that knowledge to friends, relatives and people who care to listen. The first day, which marked the beginning of the term long seminar, featured an introductory lecture on the origin of HIV/AIDS, means of transmission of the virus and prevention methods. The next lecture comes up on Wednesday next week, at 3pm.

On Wednesday this week, the second part of the HIV/AIDS seminar took place, and the occasion was attended by many pupils, just like last week. On Thursday, Mr Sylvanus Aniah was officially appointed as the new Acting Headmaster of NPS, with Mr David Akpan as the Acting Assistant Headmaster, and everybody was happy. They are to start with their work immediately. Mr Linus Frey sent a document in which all the tasks and duties of the Headmaster are specified. As stated there, the overall duty of the H/M and assistant H/M will be to „improve the quality of education in the school, mainly by means of achieving a higher academic and didactical level of teaching, or, in other words, by helping the teachers to improve their classroom performance“. During the same meeting, the final version of the „Rules and Regulations for the prevention of sexual harassment and rape in NPS“ was read to the teachers, and everybody agreed to abide by them. The document will also be translated to Hausa and will be read to the parents and villagers during the extraordinary PTA-meeting next week which has been summoned for this reason. On the same day, there was a school debate between classes JSS2 and JSS3 with the topic „GSM – blessing or curse for society?“ In fact it was real close, but in the end, the JSS3 pupils won the competition by just a few marks. On Friday, the second C.A. test came to and end. The school is really moving forward, and a lot of development is going on, for example concerning the school clubs. Also, a new school camera was provided, so that we can cover all the events happening in the school and send clear pictures to the photo diary on the website. And the new school calendars for 2013 with pictures of Najude Pioneer School were distributed in the faculty lounges and the principal’s office, and they look very nice and make the school to look more matured.

On Wednesday this week, the ongoing seminar on HIV/Aids continued with the topic „Say no to pre-marital sex“. The new headmaster and his assistant organized a quiz and a spelling and reading competition, and it was very interesting for all the pupils and students. They are also planning to introduce a new school club called „Literature and Debate Club“ with the aim of improving the reading skills of the students and encouraging them to read books on a regular basis. They shall learn that reading novels, non-fiction books and biographies can open up a whole new world for them, and that they can read and learn at home and just for the fun of it, not only during school or when there are upcoming exams. Every Wednesday, the club members will meet and discuss about what they read, thereby also learning how to debate and use sound arguments during a discussion. On Saturday, the press club members will travel to Kauru in order to meet Ishaya Kyauta, the only remaining brother of Najude, the person who founded the village of Unguwar Najude. They will interview him and find out more about the history of this village and its forefathers. Of course, their story about all of this will be published on the website. The second term examinations will start Wednesday next week. The school has decided to start with its first SSSI class in the second term of the ongoing academic session 2012/13. As with all new things, it as a humble beginning: For now, there are only eight pioneer students, all of whom are highly motivated, and their classes take place in the assembly hall. Hopefully, they can move into the new secondary school building during the first term of the academic session 2013/14, when the senior secondary school section of NPS will be officially established. This week, the senior secondary school pioneers received their new school uniforms, and they were very happy.

This week, the principal, some teachers and some PTA-members went to the Ikara Local Government headquarter to see the chairman, Alhaji Mohammed Alhassan Dati, in order to show him their appreciation for the community borehole he had installed earlier this year. They then seized the opportunity to remind him of the need of a paved road to the village, as well as a connection to the power grid, which he promised to bring during his campaign. He said that he will assist us in anything he can do to make sure the school progresses. Then, the principal presented a NPS school calendar to him, which he can be using in his office. From Monday to Tuesday, the school conducted the end of term revision. The end of term examinations started on Wednesday and will continue till next week. There was PTA meeting on Thursday and many of the parents turned up, in fact only a few of them were missing. Among other things, the documents „Rules and Regulations for the prevention of sexual harassment and rape in NPS“ and „NPS Mediation Committee“, were read to them in Hausa, and they agreed to everything. They were really happy and said that they appreciate the efforts of the school to protect their children. In addition to the normal teacher meetings, a weekly meeting on Tuesday has been introduced by the H/M, during which academic issues and teaching methods will be discussed.

The end of term examinations continued this week and ended on Wednesday, followed by the computation of results. On Thursday, inter-house sports competitions took place, and various games were played by different participants from various houses. They were given biscuits as refreshment. There was also a football tournament which was won by the Najude house. Today, the term came to an end and there was a general school assembly. During the assembly, the end of the term message was delivered to them by the principal, and she wished them a successful holiday. Prices were issued to students and pupils who made first, second and third position in their various classes. The school vacated at exactly 12:15 this afternoon, and will resume on the 22nd of April 2013.

Third Term AS 2012/13

22.04.2013: Week 01
The following teachers resumed late and had to pay a penalty fee of N 2’000: Marok Caleb Dodo, Angelina Tanko, Samuel Macaulay, Salisu Umar, Ezra Maikasuwa, Daniel Dogara. The Principal was absent throughout the week because her husband had been admitted to hospital. General cleaning was done, and the acting Headmaster Aniah Sylvanus conducted the first assembly, where he formally welcomed both the staff and the pupils back to school for the new term. In his address, the acting Headmaster informed the pupils about the changes in the timetable. One of these changes is that once the general cleaning of the school premises is over, the normal lessons will commence immediately. So even on the first Monday after holidays, the school will close at 4pm, and it will be a normal school day. So the pupils have to come prepared, with their writing materials and books. He also advised them to remain good pupils, to keep working very hard to improve their examination grades and to maintain good conduct in and outside the school. On Tuesday, house assembly took place, and the high academic tempo which was ushered in on the first day of resumption was maintained. The parents were seen in the school premises to pay their children’s school fees to the bursar’s office. On Thursday, the NPS press club had their meeting in preparation to Friday’s press release. This time it was to welcome the students and pupils back to school and also to remind them of their responsibilities as staff and students.

03.05.2013: Week 02
During the week, the acting Headmaster and his assistant held a very successful meeting with the parents of the NPS scholarships holders, who are residing in Zaria. The acting H/M is now officially in charge of the NPS scholarship section in Zaria and will take care of all academic problems there, as well as others. The decisions reached from this meeting are as follows: Boarding uniforms are to be introduced and to be worn by all the students at all times inside and outside the hostel. For security reasons, they are no longer allowed to leave the hostel alone. Furthermore, the students shall always bring their report sheets to their parents. The parents also unanimously agreed to the target of average scores of 60% to be reached by all the students. And lastly it was concluded that there shall be at least one meeting per term in the future. This week, the prep classes for the hostel pupils in Najude finally took of. From Monday to Thursday from 5pm to 7pm, they can now use the library to study their books and do their homework. During this time, they are being supervised by a teacher, which will greatly help them with their studies. With the solar array to be installed later this year, there will be enough electricity for them to stay even longer, and they will also be allowed to use the library laptops. The school clubs have been informed that each of them is to come up with a club photo of all its members, and to write a club constitution, stating the aims and functions of the club. The agriculture club has been given the task to work out a plan on how to develop and build a school kitchen and a chicken farm. Hopefully, they will also be built later this year, along with the school farms and a room for the grinding machine which will be purchased to generate some income for the school. Also, the first teacher refresher course of this term took place on Thursday, in which teachers prepare lessons and deliver them to the faculty. The topics treated this time were basic English grammar and education studies. All the school activities went on fine, and the week came to a successful end.

10.05.2013: Week 03
The Principal came back to school on Tuesday after being absent for two weeks, during which she was on leave to take care of her husband who was hospitalized at ABU Teaching Hospital, Shika, for three weeks. He was discharged on Thursday this week as his condition has finally improved. She was very happy to find the school in a perfect condition, as the Headmaster and the other teachers took care of everything perfectly. The collection of the school fees is still going of successfully. The members of the agricultural club held their meeting last week to discuss about this year’s farming since the rainy season has arrived. They have cleared their farming site and are now waiting for the rain. The press club has equally started its activities, as they presented their news, songs and advertisement. Other clubs are yet to resume their activity for the term. The school opened for 5 days, and all activities were fully observed. Teachers held their weekly meetings as usual, and vital issues were discussed.

17.05.2013: Week 04
On Tuesday, the school was visited by supervisors from the Kaduna State Ministry of Education, Anchau Divisional Headquarters, Ikara LGA. Their area of interest this time was the quality of education and the management of the school. Among other things, they were looking at the school’s log book, the school register, the minute book of the teacher meetings and the minute and record books of the school clubs. The teachers held their normal weekly meetings which usually take place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. They discussed about introducing one meeting per term, during which issues concerning the school clubs and committees are to be discussed. During this additional meeting, the chairmen of the committees and the club and house masters are to give a progress report about the strength and the activities of their group, which will enable them to move alongside with the school.

24.05.2013: Week 05
The fifth week of the AS 2012/13 came with a lot of positive changes in the school. For the first time, all the teachers who have been collecting teaching aid materials were asked to present them for scrutiny: Mr Samuel Macauley prepared four cardboard sheets showing the skeletal system, the respiratory system, the organs of the body and the human lungs. Mr Isaac Tersoo collected two cardboards prepared by the pupils of the school’s art club. One of them is showing wild animals, the other one flowering plants. Meanwhile, Ms Eukeria Okoye made four teaching aids for her Home Economics classes. And Ms Monica Johnson also uses teaching aids in her classes. The submission of lesson notes and lesson plans to the academic officers in the school has by now become a tradition. The school’s examination officer Mr Tersoo Isaac chose the following teachers to set the forthcoming common entrance questions: Mr Chidozie Onyekaba, Mr Samuel Macauley and Mrs Obiageli Peters. On Wednesday, an academic meeting was held in the school conference hall in order to enable the teachers of NPS to brainstorm on new ideas that will allow the school to reach an ever higher level of academic excellence. Some of the topics discussed were the need for teachers to identify their learners based on their individual capabilities, the need for diversification of teaching methods, the introduction of regular class work and home work, allowing pupils to find their own solution to a given problem and the checking of pupils’ notes, among other things. Finally, the teachers also fine tuned ideas on how to host the forthcoming academic event which will feature a speech and prize giving, a debate competition and a big spelling competition, an award for the most hardworking teachers in both primary and secondary sections as well as performances and presentations by various school clubs. The NPS teachers’ refresher course was held, during which Mrs Obiageli Peters treated verbs, while Mr Bitrus Zachariah took care of the different roles of a teacher. On Tuesday, the Headmaster Mr Aniah Sylvanus attended a national sensitization workshop organized for the English language teachers by the Kaduna State Ministry of Education. Together with Mr Lukman Magaji, the school’s public relation officer, he also went on a familiarization visit to Redemption College Zaria, where many of the NPS scholarship pupils are schooling. During the visit, the two officers had a chat with the schools’ principal and the form masters of the students. They were pleased to hear that all the NPS pupils have a great character, that they are disciplined and respectful, and that they are giving their best in their respective classes. On Friday, the Headmaster addressed the pupils on the need to embrace their books and to be disciplined and respectful and that the additional school lessons in the newly implemented time table are for their own benefit.

31.05.2013: Week 06
So far, the sixth week was the shortest of all weeks covered in this term. It was Children’s Day on Monday and Democracy Day on Wednesday, so the school authority decided to add Tuesday to the conventional public holidays. That is to say school was held only two days in this week. The following activities were observed: The Headmaster checked the notes of the class six pupils in all the subjects to see how often class and home work are administered to them by their teachers, hence this forms the basis of a quality education. In addition, there was classroom supervision and pictures of some of the teachers were taken while teaching. The following teachers didn’t return to the school after the public holidays: Mr David Akpan was excused because of the ill health of his son. Mr Isaac Musa and Mr Marok Caleb Dodo were absent or came late without an excuse and have to pay the usual penalty fee of 2’000 Naira. The prep classes for the boarding students went on as usual. And Mrs Deborah Ambi is presently on her maternity leave after having given birth to a baby boy last week. Congratulations!

07.06.2013: Week 07
During the seventh week of the third term of AS 2012/13, many stimulating academic activities took place: David Akpan did some practical work with his pupils in his computer class in JSS 1 by grouping the students into groups of four, each of them working with one of the school laptops. Peter Yohana took his pupils on an excursion to the staff quarters and showed them how water is being transported through the pipes, from the automatic water pump to the water tank. On Thursday, there was a quiz competition between Primary 1A and 1B. Class 1A emerged victorious in the contest with 202 against 140 points. The quiz actually took a new dimension as the monotonous way of merging all the question together was changed. This time, it was done subject by subject. We also had the NPS teachers’ refresher course where the art teacher Isaac Samuel Musa taught creative art and its subdivisions, while Eucheria Okoye, the home economics and agriculture teacher, took the subject of the needs and wants of the family. By discussing with the teachers and observing their work, the Headmaster found the following academic problems still persisting in the school: Most pupils take notes without dates, some teachers sit on top of the table while teaching, some forget to write the subject and topic on the board, some teachers prefer talking to writing on the chalkboard, some don’t allow the pupils to talk enough, and most of them have less time for class work, home work and even correction after exercise. So after having spotted these problems, these issues will be addressed in Tuesday’s academic meeting next week and in the following meetings. By openly addressing these problems and steadily improving the classroom performance of the teachers, we continue the pursue the goal of academic excellence in NPS. Lukman Magaji, Salisu Umar and Monica Johnson prepared teaching aids this week. Bitrus Zacharia had all his Primary 2 pupils to recite the multiplication table in front of the class. The school’s football team trained throughout the week. There was also a teacher orientation on some of the future aims of NPS, such as the use of modern records and class diaries. There is also a plan to create a forum where Primary 1, 2 and 3 pupils would meet to compete individually in rhymes and multiplication table questions, which should be done in the school's multipurpose hall.

14.06.2013: Week 08
This week, the Junior Secondary School 3 students commenced writing their Junior Secondary School Certificate Examinations, which will end next week. The school began the admission process for the 2013/2014 primary 1 classes with the registration of potential candidates on Monday, 10th of June 2013. The registration exercise ended on Friday. For the first time in NPS history, two Fulani girls were admitted into the school, which can safely be called a milestone. So far, the Fulani families only sent their male children to the school. After years of educating the Fulani families on the importance of sending their daughters to school as well, the efforts of the school PRO Mr Magaji were finally rewarded. Hopefully, this will be an example to other Fulani families around the school, and next year others will follow. The NPS sport club members have been training regularly, especially the football club. They will face their opponents from a Makarfi school on Thursday, 20th June 2013 on the NPS Sport field. Throughout the week, the NPS drama club and the literature and debate club held their separate meetings. The drama club is rehearsing a play which they are about to present. On Thursday, the teachers held orientation and a workshop. The workshop was organized by the academic officers of the school in order to discuss modern teaching methods, the preparation of lesson plans and notes, the computation of exams, the use of a school diary and the making of class registers. During the week, classes JSS2 and SSS1 commenced their debate lessons as recommended by the Kaduna State Ministry of Education. Class JSS2 discussed about education versus riches, while class SSS1 debated on communism versus capitalism. During the assembly, the recent death of the composer of the Nigerian National Anthem was announced to the pupils and one minute of silence was observed in his honour. A lot of the JSS3 students purchased the novels recommended to them by their English Literature teacher, which is very encouraging. A lot of the Najude villagers’ animals died during the last few weeks. So far, two cows and five goats have been lost. The cause of this is yet to be uncovered. Meanwhile, a period of drought has forced farmers in the region to fetch water from their houses to water their young crops, and it’s a very critical situation.

21.06.2013: Week 09
The ninth week of the ongoing term witnessed a very interesting inter-school football match between the football team of Success Academy Makarfi and the team of Najude Pioneer School. Before the game began, the Nigerian national anthem was sang as a symbol of unity. The game finally ended with a draw of 2-2. Also, the first NPS secondary school spelling competition started on Wednesday, the 19th of June: First, all the classes wrote a dictation test which was marked by the spelling competition committee. After that, four students were selected for each class to compete in the next round, which made a total of sixteen participants. Amongst them were seven girls and nine boys. After the second round, which was held in the school’s multipurpose hall, four students qualified for the final which is billed for Thursday next week. The students of the Literature and Debate Club had their first presentation during Wednesday’s general assembly. A poem was written and recited by the club. The Drama Club held rehearsals and the Press Club presented news as usual during Friday’s general assembly. Furthermore, the Junior Secondary School Certificate Examinations ended, and the JSS3 students have again commenced their lessons in preparation for the internal examinations. Finally, on Tuesday the headmaster and the public relations officer visited Amos Kefas, one of the NPS scholarship who is schooling in Therbow School, Zaria. They had the possibility to meet with the different subject teachers and took some pictures with Amos. They are now familiar with all the schools in which the scholarship students are schooling, so the next and final set of scholarship holders will be sent to the same schools.

28.06.2013: Week 10
During the Wednesday general assembly this week, the NPS Literature and Debate Club presented a poem to the pupils, students and teachers of the school. It was titled „Wonderful creation“ and was read by Ahmadu Aliyu, one of the new scholarship holders. The registration of newly admitted NPS pupil was completed with the payment of the registration fees, and the new pupils, 48 in number, are to commence school after the summer break in September 2013. Throughout the week, members of the art club were drawing the portraits of past and present heroes. This week, the final of the NPS 2013 spelling competition took place in the multipurpose hall of the school. The winner of the competition was Ladi Goma from SSS1, and she came up with 36 points. Congratulations to her, and well done! After the spelling competition, the NPS teacher’s refresher course was held, during which Mr Lukman Magaji and Mr Chidozie Onyekaba delivered their lessons. Lukman delivered a history lesson, where the biography of the late Premier of Northern Nigeria, Sir Ahmadu Bello, was revealed. Chidozie treated further mathematics and trigonometry. The second continuous assessment of the ongoing term also went on successfully during this week. The members of the NPS Agriculture Club have commenced cultivation of their farm land and are planting new crops. The NPS Sport Club is busy preparing for the second inter-school football match, which will come up next Thursday. And an interview for a new teacher was conducted and Simon Ishaya was employed after having passed the written and oral tests.

05.07.2013: Week 11
In this week’s teachers’ refresher course, Mr Pever Tersoo and Mr Salisu Umar delivered classes on environment studies as part of integrated science and Hausa grammar, respectively. The NPS Committee for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Rape organized their second sensitization seminar, which was held in the multipurpose hall. A trained expert was invited from the General Hospital Makarfi, who spoke on the dangers of unsafe premarital sex and how it can destroy the life of a young woman. The lecture was specifically addressing the pupils and students from Primary 5 to SSS 1. The members of the NPS sport club had their second inter-school football match on Thursday. The match started at 4:30pm and ended with yet another 2:2 draw. The NPS supporters led by Mr Dodo gave a huge support for our team throughout the game. The drama club members are busy rehearsing their next production which is billed to take place next week in the NPS multipurpose hall as part of the end of school year activities. The 2013 set of new scholarship students will write their entrance examinations for their respective schools in Zaria on Saturday, the 6th of July 2013. New prefects have been appointed for the forthcoming academic session 2013/14. The orientation of the newcomers and the handing over ceremony will take place next Monday. Our sport prefect Nuhu Markus is down with a leg injury. He’s expected to take up his position as soon as he recovers. Nuhu is one of the school’s football talents who could make the game his career if duly supported. The school’s public relation officer Mr Magaji has already visited him at home. In the neighbouring village of Kuya, a new Mai Unguwa (village chief) was elected, and his name is Aminu Maigurasa. A car knocked down a big cow along the Kano-Zaria express way. Residents of the area took advantage of the accident and made good meat out of it. In fact even some NPS teachers benefited from it.

12.07.2013: Week 12
The teachers’ refresher course of this week was held on Thursday. Mrs Angelina Tanko and Mrs Deborah Ambi were the teachers of the day. Angelina treated the topic of time management in the classroom while Deborah handled bank savings in accounting. An orientation was organized for the newly elected shadow prefects in the multipurpose hall. It was attended by the following teachers: Angelina Tanko, Lukman Magaji, Pever Isaac Tersoo and Sylvanus Aniah. The duties and responsibilities of each office were being read out and words of advice and encouragement were offered. In addition, henceforth during the general assembly, any prefect on duty will make the announcement and the words of encouragement before the teacher on duty takes charge. The SSS1 students have commenced their promotional examination on Thursday, while the Junior Secondary School students start their own next week on Wednesday. And the NPS common entrance examinations into JSS1 and SSS1 take place on Saturday, the 13th of July. At the very same date, the seven new NPS scholarship students will write their own entrance exams in Zaria. The school’s PTA has donated about 450 cement blocks to the school for the forthcoming construction of the new secondary school building and the new teacher house, scheduled to start in October. Mr Salisu Umar bought a motor bike from the loan the school management granted him, which allows him to carry himself and his children to school in the morning much faster than before. However, it was announced that until the end of the year, there will be no additional loans in order to allow the teachers to pay back the present ones. Earlier this week the local government distributed fertilizers and sacks of rice to farmers. And on Friday last week, some of the NPS students went to visit one of our students who is still down with a bad leg injury. We pray he will soon recover, Amen.

19.07.2013: Week 13
The end of term examinations were in full swing this week. They will end next week, and the school will close for the summer holidays on the 26th of July 2013. The academic officers are busy checking the results. While doing that, they also record the overall class performance for each subject in every class. This will give us an insight into the work of the subject teachers. The Headmaster also crosschecked and put to record the performance of all boarding students because this will enable us to follow their progress more closely. They are expected to perform better than the day students as they spend almost all their time reading. The day students and pupils don’t have that opportunity, because after school they normally have to help their parents in the farm and they don’t have the school facilities at their disposal like the boarding students. As a part of the ongoing academic assessment in the school, some of the club chairmen of the school clubs gave a progress report on their club activities this week: 1) Press Club: The present club chairman Mr Sylvanus Aniah gave a brief history of the club and said it was formed in its present form in 2012. But it existed many years before that, therefore being the oldest of all school clubs. Since that time, the club has developed and prospered in every aspect. Today, the club members are presenting regular weekly news during the general assembly of the school, and they also grant interviews to teachers and pupils. Some of the club’s achievements include an interview with the present chairman of Ikara Local Government during his campaign tour and an interview with Sarkin Auchan, the traditional leader of the area. The club has an English and Hausa department. The pupils and students have written a story about the people of Ungwuar Najude, the village where the school is located. At presently, they are busy writing an article about the history of the village which is yet to be published on the website. The club awards the outstanding members at the end of every academic session with textbooks and other academic materials. The chairman also proudly pointed out that the club has a professional executive structure. 2) Farm Club: In their report, the young farmers gave a brief history of their club and named some of their achievements which include the cultivation of a club garden and the planting of vegetables. There are even some tree crops in the nursery now which will be planted around the school compound. The club chairman Mr David Akpan said that last season they were able to sell their farm produce at the rate of three thousand Naira. He also requested the school authority to help them with fertilizer, water cans and pipes to their farms to enable them to do irrigation farming. 3) Sport Club: The chairman Mr Samuel Macauley enumerated the recent inter school games, which are a huge part of the club’s achievements. He requested the installation of a handball field and volleyball pitch. The other clubs are to give their progress reports next term. During the week, the NPS Junior Secondary School drama was staged. All the plays were solely written by the students, but the English teacher supervised and monitored their rehearsals during last week. In her remark, the Principal Mrs Rita Muolokwu expressed her unlimited joy over the splendid performance of the students and promised refreshment next time. During the week, about nine boarding students fell sick, but they were properly treated by the school nurse Mr Ezra Maikasuwa. Mr Samuel Macaulay bought a motorbike on Wednesday. This brings to number of NPS teachers owning their personal motorbike to a total of eight. Also on Wednesday this week, there was a serious fight among some Fulani people who live in the school’s neighboring village of Kuya. The fight started when two of them worked for a person who wasn’t able to pay them their complete salary on which they had agreed on. They began to beat him up and when the news got to the man’s people they came out to defend him. The two got their own supporters from their houses, and the whole thing turned into a messy fight. Five men were badly injured and are presently receiving treatment in the local infirmary in Kuya. Two of them were arrested by police officers and one person escaped. The man who called the police is Sabo, and he is believed to be a magician. Sabo marries every year, just as he divorces every year. Some people believe that he can turn a stone to bread or that he can turn people into cats.

26.07.2013: Week 14
During this last week of the academic session 2012/13, the teachers were busy marking the exam scripts and computing the results, while the pupils and students were engaged in their club activities. The end of the academic year party was held in the multipurpose hall. The principal Mrs Rita Muolokwu participated in the capacity of the chairperson and the chief guest and held the opening speech. She expressed her joy about the fantastic arrangement of the party and said that this occasion was the first of its kind since the school was established. The party featured speeches from the different school officers and the five club chairmen. There was a short play about politics on the stage, adverts on the importance of reading during holiday and dancing performances. The principal presented gifts to the clubs and the deserving pupils and students. Most of the audience consisted of parents, some of whom came from distant villages to carry their children home for holidays. For the junior secondary school students, an orientation on career guidance was held, where the various science and art subjects were explained to them. They were given a lot of guidance, so that they can make an informed decision on which way to follow once they enter senior secondary school after holidays, which will determine their future academic careers up to tertiary institutions. One of our prolific teachers, Mr Marok Caleb Dodo, was involved in a traffic accident on his way coming back from Kaduna. He sustained a knee injury and is suffering from back pain, but luckily he’s responding to treatment. Four trees were being planted around the school premises: Two of them in front of the multipurpose hall, and two others in front of the primary school buildings that face Kuya Road. On this 26th of July 2013, the academic session 2012/13 has come to and end, and the school closes for summer holidays. School will resume with the academic session 2013/14 on the 9th of September 2013. We wish all the pupils, students and teachers happy holidays!