The new community borehole commissioned by the Ikara L.G.A. chairman Mohammed Dati, 15.01.2013
INTRODUCING YET ANOTHER NPS BABY BOY: Mr. Godswill Nensha Tersoo, born on the 12th of November 2012
Collecting and arranging all the school books in the library, 21.01.2013
Launching of the NPS pool table, 23.01.2013
Launching of the NPS table tennis table, 23.01.2013
New teachers since September 2012: Eukeria Okoye, Chidozie Onyekaba, Daniel Dogara and Deborah Ambi, you are all highly welcome to Najude Pioneer School!
Part of the NPS teacher team, 01.03.2013
SAY HELLO TO THE FIRST NPS BABY GIRL IN A LONG TIME: Ms Phoebe Shalom Tanko, born 15th of November 2012
The senior secondary school pioneer students of class SSSI, 08.03.2013
Visit to the Ikara L.G.A. chairman Mohammed Dati in his Ikara L.G.A. headquarter office, 11.03.2013
PTA-meeting, 14.03.2013
The "Rules and Regulations for the prevention of sexual harassment and rape in NPS" are being read and explained to the pupils, 15.03.2013
Interhouse competition and games during the last school day of the 2nd term of the AS 2012/13, 22.03.2013
Holiday lessons, attended by the new SSS 1 students and the scholarship students from Zaria, April 2013
Different activities: Reading of the weekly news by the NPS Press Club, PHE lesson conducted by Mr Marok Caleb Dodo, the assistant headmaster Mr Akpan with his SSS1 students, and the teachers' refresher course with the arts teacher Mr Isaac at the blackboard, all May 2103
Teaching aids for various subjects and classes, produced by the NPS Art Club members Solomon Ibrahim, Jonathan Dio and Rufai Shuaibu, June 2013
Class debate in JSS2, group work in SSS1, computer lesson with the school laptops, the winners of the primary 1 quiz competition, and an acrobatic display of some students during PHE class, all June 2013
The NPS headmaster Mr Aniah and the PRO Mr Magaji are visiting the scholarship students at Redemption College, Zango, Zaria, June 2013
Scholarship holder Amos Kefas at Therbow School, Zaria, together with the NPS Headmaster Mr Aniah (right) and his SSS1 form master Mr Solomon, July 2013
The NPS Drama Club in action, playing "The Witch Doctor", July 2103
Ongoing preparations for the construction of six new buildings next month and start of the excavation for the two senior secondary school classroom buildings, September 2013
The weekly teachers' refresher course with Mr Caleb lecturing on teaching methodology, the new teaching practice (TP) candidate from FCE Zaria, Mr Ezra Irimiya, and the beginning of the school year orientation for the new pupils and students, all September 2013
The pioneer students, now studying at FCE Zaria, returned to NPS during their semester break to work as assistant teachers, October 2013
Mr Linus Frey discussing with the Councilor of Auchan District, during a staff meeting, supervising the construction work and visiting the Najude community and the scholarship students in Zaria, October 2013
Construction of all the new buildings is under way: Two new school buildings with six classrooms, three offices and one laboratory, a new teacher house with five apartments, a school kitchen and restaurant, four new school toilets, a block wall surrounding the entire school compound, a chainlink fence around the football field, and a solar array that will power the whole school, October 2013
Our newly employed librarian and typist Mrs Ekaette Akpan at work, new curtains for the library/computer room, the new school signboard, and polio vaccination in the school clinic, November 2013
Construction work continues, November 2013
New requisites and costumes for the NPS Drama Club and Mrs Akpan teaching teachers and students during computer class, December 2013
Construction work continues, December 2013
After 13 years of serving the school as a teacher, headmistress and principal, Mrs Rita Muolokwu has decided to relocate to her area in the south of the country and further her own studies. Rita, what you have achieved with this school is amazing, and the villagers, the students and the teachers of Najude Pioneer School will never forget you! As you are handing over your office to the new principal Mr Aniah Ashang and the new headteacher Mrs Angelina Tanko, you can be sure that all of us will continue to work hard for the further development of the school. You will be missed Rita, and we wish you all the best in each and every one of your further undertakings! These are the pictures of the sentforth party which took place on the 6th of December, 2013